About the Founders: The Heart Behind the Vanlife Awards

Passion-Driven Glampers

The Vanlife Awards isn't just an event; it's a celebration of a lifestyle that our founders, James and Sarah Martin, have embraced with open arms. Their journey into the world of vanlife began back in 2010 as a pursuit of adventure in their new Brazilian Bay campervan 'Babs' and a deep-rooted passion for the freedom, creativity, and community that this lifestyle offers. Owning several other vans along the way they have been in love with the vanlife scene and the many destinations it has led them to for over a decade. 

Meet Sarah and James

Sarah and James, the creative minds behind the Vanlife Awards, are seasoned campers turned glampers who manage to make a living out of their love for vanlife. As the owners of the beloved brand Glawning and Glampfest, they've spent countless miles on the open road and at festivals, discovering the beauty of vanlife firsthand with it's rich diversity of people and brands who all have a personal story.  They created the Glawning in 2013 to help vanlifers enjoy the Great Outdoors more comfortably and they have been coming up with innovative products in this industry ever since.

A Vision Unveiled

With the Vanlife Awards, Sarah and James want to create a platform that not only celebrates the incredible diversity within the vanlife community but also recognizes the individuals and stories that make this lifestyle so unique. Their vision is to inspire and connect vanlifers, from DIY conversion wizards to eco-conscious travelers, adventure seekers to creative storytellers, campsite owners to festival traders.

Join Us in Celebrating Vanlife

Through the Vanlife Awards, James and Sarah invite you to be a part of this passionate and vibrant community. They believe that vanlife is a journey worth sharing and celebrating, and they are dedicated to ensuring that every vanlifer's story finds its place in the spotlight. "We can't wait to give these awards out in recognition of the hard work that goes into all this. Having won business awards ourselves we are fully aware of the boost that such an accolade can give to a small business or individual who has worked very hard for their achievements," says James.

Our Awards Ceremony

The Vanlife Awards Evening will be held in Autumn 2024 and aims to recognise the monumental achievements of vanlifers and their homes on wheels. Sarah Martin says, "We realise that there are numerous acheivements in this thriving community of incredibly interesting people that need to be celebrated so we've set out to do that and bring everyone together for a posh celebration of vanlife at the same time - one that's a bit different as it's not in a field".  The awards Gala Dinner will be held in North Yorkshire in November 2024.

Adventure, creativity, and connection – that's what the Vanlife Awards and Glawning stand for, and we hope you enjoy the ride.