Awards Categories

Explore the Vanlife Awards Categories

At the Vanlife Awards, we believe that the vanlife lifestyle is as diverse as the people who embrace it. That's why we've created a range of awards categories that celebrate every facet of this nomadic journey. Whether you're a van conversion wizard, a roadtripping guru, or a successful influencer, there's a category that speaks to your unique vanlife passion.

Interior of the Year

Home on Wheels

Nomads, unite! We know that turning your van into a cozy haven is an art form. Share your snug and stylish interiors with us in this category, and let's celebrate the comfort and charm of life on the road.

Sustainable Living

Eco-Friendly Explorers

For those who tread lightly on the planet, this category honors vanlifers who prioritize sustainability and green living while roaming the open road.

Epic Journey of the Year

Road Warriors

Embarked on a jaw-dropping adventure? Share your epic vanlife journey with us. From cross-country expeditions to international escapades, this category celebrates your wanderlust.

DIY Conversion of the Year

Masterful Creations

Calling all van conversion enthusiasts! Showcase your DIY prowess in transforming an ordinary van into a unique, personalized masterpiece.

Vanlife Photographer of the Year

Capturing the Journey

A picture is worth a thousand words, and vanlife offers a thousand breathtaking views. Share your most mesmerizing vanlife photographs and inspire others to hit the road.

Vanlife Community Engagement 

Connecting on the Road

Vanlife isn't just about the journey; it's about the people you meet along the way. This category celebrates those who actively engage with the vanlife community, creating connections that transcend miles.

Adventure Enthusiast of the Year

Daring Explorers

For the thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies who turn vanlife into an endless adventure. Share your daring tales of exploration and inspire others to chase their own.

Vanlife Family of the Year 

Family on Wheels

Families that van together, stay together. This category honors families who embrace vanlife and adventure, creating unforgettable memories on the road.

Best Vanlife Pet Companion of the Year

Furry Friends on Tour

Vanlife is better with companions of a furry kind. Showcase your pet's role in your vanlife journey and the joy they bring to the open road.

Vanlife Entrepreneur of the Year

Turning Passion into Business

Recognizing those who have successfully turned their vanlife experiences into thriving businesses, inspiring others to follow their entrepreneurial dreams.

Vanlife Influencer of the Year

Inspiring the Community

For the most influential and inspiring figures in the vanlife community, who motivate and guide others to embark on their own vanlife adventures.

Vanlife Gear Innovator of the Year

Innovators on Wheels

Acknowledging companies or individuals who have created innovative products that enhance the vanlife experience, from accessories to tech gadgets.

Vanlife Conservation Champion of the Year

Preserving Our Playground

Celebrating those who promote and protect natural environments during their vanlife travels, leaving a positive impact on our planet.

Campsite of the Year

Mi casa es tu casa 

They open their land for us to come and enjoy and we all have a favourite stand-out campsite that goes that extra mile to ensure its campers feel right at home. Will it be the one with the stunning views? Or the one with the amazing fresh eggs and bread for sale? Or the one with the cute farmyard animals? Or the one with the pub onsite? Your call.

Join the Journey

Explore these diverse categories, find the one that resonates with your vanlife story, and get ready to share your passion with the world. The Vanlife Awards are here to celebrate you, the adventurers who turn the open road into a canvas of experiences and stories.

Your adventure begins here.